A Journey to Self Discovery (Part II)

MEDIAPENELITI.COM – A journey to self discovery (Part II). Today, instead of sharing some good articles on tips of life hacks or something… I want to write about myself.

Journey to self discovery

Still flashing back to my teen years, my father declared bankruptcy. He fallen sick and was very ill at that time.

I worried about my family financial status because my mother is a full-time housewife. Yet, as a long-life learner I also put a thought on my education journey.

I still want to enroll in University and became somebody my parents can be proud of. The thing is that my brother was in his first-year study in the prestigious University with a high enrollment fee.

Again, I have to make a very careful decision whether to study and doubled my family expenses, or I can work and helped earning some money for future use.

At the end, I made my choice. I didn’t apply for University. I will work hard, earn money and help my family. So, I did everything I could.

From being a part-time nurse at the local clinic, into a kindergarten teacher, into an online promoter into a part-time biscuit seller… and repeat. lol

It was a hard-challenging teenage year that I can vividly recall. I forget about being the only-studying person and wasn’t considered that I was shy.

I just concerned on my family needs of money. We need to pay the rent and at least having a meal a day, on the table.

My teacher was right. I only need to have a gut, and I can survive anything in my life. My gut took me into the journey I never asked facing. Finishing high school and pre-U, I wasn’t who I was before. I discover a new me.

The ‘new-normal’

In 2017, I moved to Aceh, Indonesia. It is my birthplace. Actually, it was a fatal runaway.

My father warned me that once I step a feed out of home, I could never be forgiven nor return. (He got his own personal issue of Aceh, that I couldn’t expose here).

Guess what, Don’t I still have a gut? Of course, I do!

I have a valid reason for every crucial decision I made in my life. I need to continue study, no matter what happen.

Moreover, my brother got a part-time job and he’s good at it, so I think this is the right time for me to continue study, while still helping my family in whatever way I could.

I was not only took a step away from home, but I flew miles away to Indonesia (which is still quite near, isn’t it?) hehe

At first, I thought I’ll try to ask help from my grandparents and the relatives, but later I realize that I shouldn’t be a burden to anyone.

So, with my last saving, I learnt to adapt living in a new lifestyle of being a cheapskate (for at least until I earn scholarship).

I stay with my uncle and enrolled in the University (well known as Jantong Hati Rakyat Aceh, “the heart of Acehnese people”) sponsored by SC Scholarship. Alhamdulillah. (Thank you, SC scholarship).

Okay, now the story is near to an end.

Welcome, life!

At this stage of life, I am still doing whatever I am good at, whatever I could, and most importantly whatever I love.

I still do multitasking works and jobs I never get tired of doing, and I still managed to sleep tight after midnight.

I don’t fear challenge, instead I love it so much as challenge is what wakes me up in the morning to think about life. Challenge is what boost me up to something new I’m about to learn.

Take-a-note (and keep this in mind)

Dear friends, You don’t wake up just to get a sleep again, aren’t you? You woke up to realize that a day will be long but it will not always be sunny.

sometimes it is rainy but you’ll want to dance in the rain instead of running away.

Sometimes you wake up to face trouble. Other times you wake up to surprise that someone is sleeping beside you. (That is when you realize that you aren’t going to be single forever). lol

Whatever will come, even when life continuously knock you down… You need to pick yourself up, even when you turn into pieces.

Stand up and walk again. Be sure that you learn from mistakes and reach up until no one can push you behind.

I want you to know that you have value, but first you have to discover it, and next you must embrace yourself.

Stop scrolling Instagram in the morning stalking well-achieved people and blame yourself for the privileges you didn’t born with.

Start working on something good and developed more of your potential. Became too busy making money and expanding skills until you don’t have time to build hatred of other people success.

Have time for Allah, as Allah always has time for you. Be grateful for the life you have, and He will give you more.

Nah, this is the end (for now). So how was it, do you learn something?

Tell me how you feel after reading my story, in the comment below. You’re most appreciated 🙂

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