Love of A Mother

MEDIAPENELITI.COM – Love of A Mother. (A Poem written by her longing daughter).

Look at her eyes as she stares at you

Listen to her voice as she speaks to you

Wipe her tears when she’s sad

Kiss her cheeks when she’s mad

Pet her skin when she’s not confident

Convince her that she’s beautiful—

That your love shall always remain full

So to herself she wouldn’t feel awful.


Do you ever realize—

That wrinkled eyes were once crystal clear

Wide open in the middle of night

When you thirst for milk and cried.


That voice was soft and honeyed

As she taught you how to speak

Even before you have teeth.


Her skin was once strawberry satin

That burned up under the scorching sun

As she worked till the last choir birds sung

To feed her beloved daughter and son.


Sometimes you think that she’s a hurricane

But you’ll want to called her, home

As she’s your mother,

The one who love you forever!

(Mediapeneliti.com/Fatimah Zuhra)

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